What’s Brewing

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Espresso & Coffee


Americano 3.05
Cappuccino 4.50
Latte 4.50
Caramel Macchiato 5.60
Italian Macchiato 3.05
Café au Lait 3.05
Brewed Coffee 2.50
Cold Brew 4.20
Mocha 5.70


Vanilla · Sugar Free Vanilla · Cane Sugar · Caramel · Sugar Free Caramel · Strawberry · Chocolate · White Chocolate · Raspberry · Cinnamon Bun · Peppermint · English Toffee · Hazelnut · Blueberry · Toasted Marshmallow

Our Favorites

Signature Drinks

Matcha Latte5.05
Chai Tea Latte5.05
Hot Chocolate3.35
White Hot Chocolate3.55
London Fog3.55
Cold Buster3.55
White Mocha5.70
Swamp Steamer5.90
Hot Tea (Variety)2.35


Jones Soda2.50
Little Hugs75¢
Bottled Water75¢
Juice (variety)2.50

Other Drinks


Classic Freezers

Caramel · Mocha · Chai · Chocolate Mountain · Yeti · Cookies n Cream · Matcha · Mint Chip · Cinnamon Bun · White Mocha · Pay Day · Birthday Cake

Fruit Freezers

Gratifying Greens (Spinach, Green Apple, Kiwi, Pear)

Anti-Ox. APB (Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberry)

Intense Green Apple

Arctic Lemonade