Samantha Friday

I got to the Café at least 3 times a week. Once for a date night, and twice for D&D. This is the best thing to happen to Maryville since it was founded! The staff truly care about you having a pleasant experience while you are there. They want you to have fun and enjoy yourself! The coffee is always amazing no matter what you get. There is this one employee Wendy who is always crafting amazing drinks for you to try. Around valentines day Wendy offered us a chocolate strawberry drink, which I can only describe as liquid heaven. Every employee, and the owner Scott care deeply about this place and it shows! If you are looking for a place to make friends, join the weekly D&D games. If you need a place to study with free WIFI and a calming atmosphere, get yourself a coffee and grab a seat by the window! If you want to play some games with friends or your date, make sure to ask the staff what their favorite games to play are, you won’t regret it!