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Shelter in Place Update

Hey all,

As you know, Maryville is now under a shelter in place order. (Shout out to Rachael and Greg for caring about our community enough to make the hard decisions.)

After looking at all our options, we’ve decided that what matters most to us is the safety of our community. To help protect our customers, our employees, our friends, and our neighbors we have decided to close the cafe effective immediately through the month of April.

We thank you all for supporting us and please, take care of yourselves.

We love you a latte!

Scott & Thuy

Updates regarding covid-19

Maryville has enacted a public health emergency. Provision 2 says:

In accordance with the guidelines from the President and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every person in the City of Maryville shall avoid eating or drinking at restaurants, bars, or food courts; provided, however, that the use of drive-thru, pickup, or delivery options is allowed throughout the duration of this order.

via Nodaway News Leader

That means us. Sitting down to stay at the cafe is no longer allowed, and while we long to offer our coffee in a proper mug, all drinks have to be made to go.

We have plenty of beans for sale (whole or freshly ground) so you can take the taste of the cafe home with you. We also are selling a small selection of board games that can be played at home, so you won’t be too “board” without us 🙂. Or purchase an e-gift card. Enter coupon code SPRINGBREAK20 for 10% off.

We’ll post here as things change and thank you for your continued support!

In response to covid-19

Hey all, a couple of announcements:

  1. In order to encourage social distancing, our game library will be closed effective immediately. We do offer some games for purchase and are expecting some more in soon. So be sure to pick up your own copy of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza for home.
  2. The coffee shop will be open but will be closing up at 5pm each day this week. Be sure to pick up some whole beans so you’ll also have the best coffee in town while staying at home.

Thank you all so much for allowing us to be a part of this awesome community!

As a thank you for supporting our small business in this trying time, for the next 3 weeks we’re offering a 10% discount on any egift card purchase. Just use code SPRINGBREAK20.

We’ll post updates here if anything changes.

Thanks again and everyone, please take care of yourselves.

Summer Hours

We’re switching to summer hours beginning this week! We’ll be open normal times in the morning so you can still enjoy the best coffee in town to start your day! We’ll be closing earlier in the evenings most nights depending on business. Don’t worry about cutting your games short though. We’ll stay open later on any nights we have gamers! Have a great summer!