Legacy Staff

Thank you for making our space so special. We wish you the best in your future adventures!

Camera-shy crew, not pictured here: Hunter.


•MUG SHOT• ☕️ 📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our Barista, Sierra!
Fav drink: Hazelnut Soy Latte
Fav music: Country music 🎵
Fav game: Cobra Paw 🐾
Fav part of the job: Making delicious drinks for everyone!☕️
Currently binging: Shameless


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our Lead Barista Aubrey!
Fav drink: Peppermint Mocha☕️🍫
Fav music: Christmas music year round 🎶
Fav board game: Ticket to Ride 🎟🚂
Fav part of the job: Creating new drink recipes and seeing customers get excited over the latte art I made for them! ☕️💗
Currently Binging: New Girl 🚺


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Meet our lead game guru Adam!
Fav drink: Caramel Mocha ☕️ Fav board game: Blood Rage 🗡
Fav part of the job: He never feels like he is working because he loves what he does! 😊

Adam has been with us since day one—he has impacted the experience of our customers, built wonderful wood works for the cafe, and has been a wonderful addition to our staff!

Stop by, enjoy a caramel mocha, and wish him luck on his future adventures before his last day at the cafe!


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our game guru Gannon!
Fav drink: White Hot Chocolate  ❄️☕️
Fav music: Fallout Boy ☢️👦🏻🎶
Fav board game: Epic Spell Wars 🧙‍♂️📜
Fav part of the job: all the people, co-workers, bosses, and patrons I got to meet! 👩🏾‍🎤👩🏻‍🎨
Currently Binging: Game of Thrones…again 👸🏼🐲


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our barista Brian!
Fav drink: Berry Lemonade Fruit Freezer 🍓🍋
Fav music: Young the Giant 🎶
Fav board game: Onitama 🎲
Fav part of the job: Getting to meet new people and making sure everyone has a good time when they are here! 😀

Stop in and try the Brian special, you’re guaranteed to smile when he’s around.


•Mug Shot• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our game guru Dustin!
Dustin or “Mr.Romans” has been with our staff since our opening. He has left a huge impact through his ability to make everyone happy, the logo design behind him, and his creation of the customer favorite Swamp Freezer. Dustin is off on a new journey to Belton, Missouri and we are sad to say “see ya later” to one of our own. Stop in and enjoy a Swamp Freezer for Dustin!


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our game guru Nic!
Fav drink: Dirty Chai Latte
Fav music: everything under the sun
Fav board game: Ex Libris
Fav part of the job: Seeing people try a new game and watching it quickly become their favorite
Currently Binging: The Haunting of Hill House