About Us


Hello, so nice to meet you. We are Scott and Thuy Copeland. We both attended Northwest Missouri State University, then left Maryville in pursuit of careers.

We had our first child and raised him with a love of games. As much as our son enjoyed Candy Land, we longed for something fun and challenging that we could all enjoy.

I don’t remember how we discovered Chicken Cha Cha Cha, but I remember how we felt after playing it. It’s a memory game where you raced to make enough matches and hopped over other players to steal their tail feathers to win the game. For the first time ever, our toddler beat us at a game fair and square.

Many others followed, including searching for treasures in a magical moving maze called Labyrinth. Then there was Forbidden Island, where we all worked together to find the treasures and escape the island before it sunk into the depths of the ocean. We dove into modern board games as a family hobby right alongside camping, fishing, and canoeing.

After spending some time in Kansas City, we decided in 2014 that we’d love to return home to Maryville to raise our son. We also wanted to bring our love of board games to others. Two years were spent doing behind-the-scenes work to open a shop.

In December 2016, our son became a big brother and our family was now complete, with two boys and two cats.

On Black Friday in 2017 we opened our doors. There were 350 games ready for everyone to play and Jones Soda in case anyone wanted something to drink.

Coffee arrived shortly after, and to our great surprise, the hot chocolate became our number one best seller.

On January 16, 2017 we celebrated our official Grand Opening and have been introducing modern board games to our new families and friends ever since.