Games in stock for your preschooler and kindergartener

Stocking stuffer and secret santa gift ideas

Looking for a small gift for your favorite preschooler or kindergartener? 

Ages 5 and up


Foreman Ben oversees a large construction site, making sure that all machines and vehicles are at the right place at the right time. But watch out! Sometimes Ben has to run to the men’’s room. Who is the fastest worker, carrying out the most tasks for Ben? 

A thrilling fast-reaction card game.

2-4 players. Play time: 15 min. 

Ages 4-8

Prima Ballerina

Who has always wanted to be a dancing ballerina? Now’s the time! In this game, all players practice the various positions and figures together and at the end it’s “Curtains Up!” for the new prima ballerinas!

A cooperative dancing game.

2-6 players. Play time: 10 min.

Ages 4 and up

Crazy Corral

Nighttime is quickly approaching, and it’s time to get the animals tucked into the barn. But what’s going on? The animals keep running away. Are the other players causing this? A good memory and some luck with the die will help you in this crazy corralling game. The player who manages to corral all five of their animals into the barn first wins the game.

Crazy Corral requires a good memory. While playing the game, players should try to remember where the other players’ animals are as this becomes important during the game!

2-4 players. Play time: 10 minutes.

Ages 5 and up

Rally Run

Everyone wants to hold the coveted DaCart Rally trophy — but the race track is tricky and constantly changing, so the drivers must try to remember the best route without getting trapped in a dead end! Who can steer their zooming racer as quickly as possible over the pit stop and across the right finish line?

Rally Run! is a tricky memory matching game.

2-4 players. Play time: 15 minutes.

Ages 5 and up

Splish Splash catapult

What a lot of fun! The rabbits have a splish splash water fight with their catapult. Who has the skill to aim well and hit the rabbits with the water balloons? Every hit counts. Particularly skilled catapult masters can collect extra points. Includes cool wooden catapult!

A lively water balloon flicking game.

2-5 players. Play time: 10 minutes.