Board Game Cafe will Return!

We offer a full menu of specialty drinks and coffees, crafted by our talented baristas. Fresh, high-quality beans are supplied by a variety of small roasters in the nearby Kansas City, MO area.

The Coffee

I just want coffee. Read your favorite book over a bottomless brew, stop by for a chat and a Chai to go, or work for a bit with a London Fog in hand. There is no cover charge to come in and enjoy your drink and the atmosphere. Playing games is optional! You can choose to play games (or not) at any time. Purchasing a game pass gives access to the game library.

The Library

What if I want more than just coffee? With 500+ board games to choose from, our library includes award-winning titles from Mensa Mind Games, Origins, and Spiel des Jahres. Our Game Gurus are on hand to help you choose a game to match playing abilities and mood. They can also help with set up, teaching the rules, or act as judges when a tough call needs made.

Our Staff

The secret ingredient to our great experience? Our baristas and game gurus.

And while they’ve moved on to better and bigger things, we’ll never forget our legacy staff.


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our Game Guru & DM, Wendy!
Fav drink: London Fog 🍵
Fav music: 80s Glam Metal
Fav board game: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
Fav part of the job: Sharing my passion for gaming, especially to first-time D&D players🐲
Currently Binging: The new Carmen Sandiego Netflix series👒


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our game guru Gannon!
Fav drink: White Hot Chocolate  ❄️☕️
Fav music: Fallout Boy ☢️👦🏻🎶
Fav board game: Epic Spell Wars 🧙‍♂️📜
Fav part of the job: all the people, co-workers, bosses, and patrons I got to meet! 👩🏾‍🎤👩🏻‍🎨
Currently Binging: Game of Thrones…again 👸🏼🐲


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our Game Guru and Barista Jocelyn!
Fav drink: Hazelnut Mocha 🌰☕️
Fav music: Heavy metal 👩🏻‍🎤🎸
Fav board game: Pan Am ✈️ 👩🏻‍✈️
Fav part of the job: Making the drinks. It’s like mixing potions. It’s so fun! 🧋🥤
Currently Binging: Horimiya 💞📺


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our Marketing Intern Kinlee!
Fav drink: Iced White Mocha 🧊🍫
Fav music: Country 🤠
Fav board game: Taco Cat 🌮 🐈
Fav part of the job: Being able to take fun pictures and creating and designing posts 📸🖼
Currently Binging: Friends 📺


•MUG SHOT• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our Game Guru Garret!
Fav drink: Thai tea with raspberry and brown sugar boba🧋
Fav music: Classic Rock 🤘🎸
Fav board game: Talisman 🏰🪄
Fav part of the job: Being able to make people’s days just a bit brighter ☀️😊
Currently Binging: The Walking Dead 🧟


•Mug Shot• ☕️📸
Our employees are the best. Meet our barista Annika!
Fav Drink: Pumpkin spice iced latte 🎃
Fav Music: Classic Rock 🎸
Fav board game: Sorry! 🎲
Fav part of the job: Meeting the board game cafe family and making coffee! 👨‍👩‍👦☕️
Currently binging: Rick and Morty🧪🛸

Happy Customers

I’ve been temporarily staying in Maryville for a clinical rotation and needed a place to study that wasn’t my bedroom. While I’m not the biggest fan of board games, I enjoy video games and horror movies quite a bit, so I figured that this place would be a welcoming environment for me. I was not disappointed. The iced matcha latte was fantastic, and the owner, Scott was incredibly welcoming and helpful. He even went out of his way to approach me while I was studying to make sure that I had access to the business’s wifi. I will definitely return while I’m in town and recommend it to anyone looking for a place to work or relax in the area.

Parker Anderson

I always have a blast when I go to the Board Game Cafe! It’s a the perfect place to hang out with friends, have some fun, and it has delicious drinks! ^_^ The staff is super friendly and helpful too. If you’re in Maryville, you HAVE to check this place out 🤩

Melinda Jarman